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Read A MENTALIDADE ANTICAPITALISTA PDF. LUDWIG VON MISES - A MENTALIDADE ANTICAPITALISTA. Download or Read Online A mentalidade anticapitalista. EBook livre PDF/ePub/ mobi Ludwig von Mises, Em , após décadas de trabalhos teóricos sobre a. Faça o download ou leia online A mentalidade anticapitalista Ludwig von Mises PDF grátis para e-book. / ePub / Mobi / Mp3 / Txt, Em , após décadas de.

In practice this inherited element of primitive moral sentiment manifests itself in the drive to centralize coercive control over individuals and their economic activities. For Foster, however, the system of free enterprise is not entirely rooted in rational individualism, as Ayn Rand and her Objectivist followers mistakenly believe see chapter five of his book for his critique of Rand , but is rather a system of economics in which individuals enrich others by enriching themselves through a system of cooperation and peaceful exchange of goods and services.

Free enterprise creates a climate in which entrepreneurs are richly rewarded for improving the material lives of others. The results are nothing short of grand, as billions of people around the world are lifted out of poverty and misery through the efforts of the free enterprise system.

The success of capitalism, not to be confused with mercantilism or crony capitalism, flies in the face of two centuries of unrelenting attacks on free enterprise as the bane of human existence. Those who continue to portray capitalism as a monstrosity impose on society the moral outlook of an inherited primitive morality. The problem is not economics, but in how those who despise capitalism see the world.

In their misguided quest to shape society along a primitive outlook of tribal collectivism, anti-free enterprisers are at odds with the system that has done more good around world than harm, argues Foster. The morality of anti-capitalists and its political corollaries, centralization and government overreach, squashes the freedom necessary for the Invisible Hand to produce results efficiently.

By focusing on the work of Hume, Smith, Darwin, Hayek, and countless others, Foster provides the reader with an excellent account of the nature of free markets and why they produce great results.

The limited space at my disposal makes it impossible to do this book justice. If there is one limitation to this work, however, it is that while it does an excellent job of explaining the primitive, tribal objections to individualism and free enterprise, it does not address itself to more intelligent objections to individualism and capitalism from the likes of Rousseau, Tocqueville, and others, who presumably are far more intelligent than our tribal ancestors.

One example ought to suffice. They had a tendency to hold themselves aloof from each other: it isolates them. They looked coldly on each other: it freezes their souls. And as money, which is the chief mark by which men are classified and divided one from the other, fluctuates incessantly, passes from hand to hand, alters the rank of individuals, raises families here, lowers them there, every one is forced to make constant and desperate efforts to acquire or retain it.

Hence the ruling passions become a desire for wealth at all cost, a taste for business, a love of gain, and a liking for comfort and material pleasures. These passions pervade all classes, not excepting those which have hitherto been strangers to them. If they are not checked they will soon enervate and degrade them all.

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A Economia do Intervencionismo

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