Such basic knowledge will help you in understanding the Cloud Computing or this tutorial may not be redistributed or reproduced in any. PDF | Cloud Computing is a versatile technology that can support a broad- spectrum of applications. The low cost of cloud computing and its dynamic scaling. basics of cloud computing with the aim of introducing aspects such as: Realities and risks of the model. Components in the model. Characteristics and Usage of.

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1For more information please see The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing at Discovering Cloud Basics. .. While many different delivery models for cloud computing services for making cloud computing into a strategic part of an overall. This tutorial provides an introduction to the cloud computing concepts and Keywords: Cloud, Cloud Computing, site EC2, Infrastructure as a Service.

Storage Virtualization: It is the pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single storage device that is managed from a central console.

Storage virtualization is commonly used in storage area networks SANs. Server Virtualization: Server virtualization is the masking of server resources like processors, RAM, operating system etc, from server users.

The intention of server virtualization is to increase the resource sharing and reduce the burden and complexity of computation from users.

Virtualization is the key to unlock the Cloud system, what makes virtualization so important for the cloud is that it decouples the software from the hardware.

Usually hard disk has a lot more space than memory. Although virtual disks are slower than real memory, if managed properly the substitution works perfectly. Likewise, there is software which can imitate an entire computer, which means 1 computer can perform the functions equals to 20 computers.

Grid Computing Vs Cloud Computing When we switch on the fan or any electric device, we are less concern about the power supply from where it comes and how it is generated.

The power supply or electricity that we receives at our home travels through a chain of network, which includes power stations, transformers, power lines and transmission stations.

Grid Computing is a middle ware to co-ordinate disparate IT resources across a network, allowing them to function as whole. It is more often used in scientific research and in universities for educational purpose.

For example, a group of architect students working on a different project requires a specific designing tool and a software for designing purpose but only couple of them got access to this designing tool, the problem is how they can make this tool available to rest of the students. To make available for other students they will put this designing tool on campus network, now the grid will connect all these computers in campus network and allow student to use designing tool required for their project from anywhere.

Cloud computing and Grid computing is often confused, though there functions are almost similar there approach for their functionality is different.

Let see how they operate- Cloud Computing Cloud computing works more as a service provider for utilizing computer resource Grid computing uses the available resource and interconnected computer systems to accomplish a common goal Cloud computing is a centralized model Grid computing is a decentralized model, where the computation could occur over many administrative model Cloud is a collection of computers usually owned by a single party.


A grid is a collection of computers which is owned by a multiple parties in multiple locations and connected together so that users can share the combined power of resources Cloud offers more services all most all the services like web hosting, DB Data Base support and much more Grid provides limited services Cloud computing is typically provided within a single organization eg : site Grid computing federates the resources located within different organization.

Utility computing is a good source for small scale usage, it can be done in any server environment and requires Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing Tutorial

Utility computing is the process of providing service through an on-demand, pay per use billing method. Based on the concept of utility computing , grid computing, cloud computing and managed IT services are based. Through utility computing small businesses with limited budget can easily use software like CRM Customer Relationship Management without investing heavily on infrastructure to maintain their clientele base.

Utility Computing Cloud Computing Utility computing refers to the ability to charge the offered services, and charge customers for exact usage Cloud Computing also works like utility computing, you pay only for what you use but Cloud Computing might be cheaper, as such, Cloud based app can be up and running in days or weeks.

What Is Cloud Computing and How Does It Work? – Definition & Overview

Utility computing users want to be in control of the geographical location of the infrastructure In cloud computing, provider is in complete control of cloud computing services and infrastructure Utility computing is more favorable when performance and selection infrastructure is critical Cloud computing is great and easy to use when the selection infrastructure and performance is not critical Utility computing is a good choice for less resource demanding Cloud computing is a good choice for high resource demanding Utility computing refers to a business model Cloud computing refers to the underlying IT architecture Security concerns for Cloud Computing While using cloud computing, the major issue that concerns the users is about its security.

It protects the data from root kits and malware. As computing has expanded to different devices like hard disk drives and mobile phones, TCG has extended the security measures to include these devices. It provides ability to create a unified data protection policy across all clouds. Some of the trusted cloud services are site, Box. The administrative staff of the cloud computing service could theoretically monitor the data moving in memory before it is stored in disk.

To keep the confidentiality of a data, administrative and legal controls should prevent this from happening.

Reason for using Cloud Computing:Reducing the cost made after communication for 28, employees and to provide advance features and interface of e-mail services to their employees. Royal mail group, a postal service in U.

K, is the only government organization in U. K that serves over 24 million customers through its post offices and separate processing sites.

What is Cloud Computing

Its logistics systems and parcel-force worldwide handles around million parcel a year. And to do this they need an effective communicative medium. They have recognized the advantage of Cloud Computing and implemented it to their system.

It has shown an outstanding performance in inter-communication. Before moving on to Cloud system, the organization was struggling with the out-of-date software, and due to which the operational efficiency was getting compromised.

As soon as the organization switched on to Cloud System, employees were supplied with their new collaboration suite, giving them access to tools such as instant messaging and presence awareness. The employees got more storage place than on local server. The employees became much more productive. In fact, cloud symbols are repeatedly used to depict the Internet on diagrams.

So, if we go back to the question of what is cloud computing, it refers to sharing resources, software, and information through a network, in this case, the Internet. Information and data is stored on physical or virtual servers, which are maintained and controlled by a cloud computing provider, such as site and their AWS product. You might have heard about these or use them already; software as a service SaaS , for example — Microsoft , platform as a service PaaS , example — salesforce.

There has been a significant evolution in the way in which we save, store and access data. You no longer need to save documents on one particular device.

The cloud storage market spoils you for choice too. Cloud storage users can also edit documents simultaneously with other users as well, making it easier to work away from the office.

Depending on specific needs, prices vary for cloud storage. Common price models include monthly or yearly rates, depending on the services you are using.

Cloud Computing Tutorial for Beginners

Other prevalent cloud computing services include cloud hosting and servers, offered by companies such as Rackspace. How Does Cloud Computing Work? The front end is the side of the computer user or client. Also the application essential to access the cloud computing system.The cloud computing provider is responsible for making sure that updates are available — you just have to download them.

Cloud Computing Basics covers the main aspects of this fast moving technology so that both practitioners and students will be able to understand cloud computing.

The power supply or electricity that we receives at our home travels through a chain of network, which includes power stations, transformers, power lines and transmission stations. For businesses, this means that employees can work from home or on business trips, without having to carry around documents.

A primary advantage of cloud bursting and a hybrid cloud model is that an organization pays for extra compute resources only when they are needed. You depend on the provider for updates and backups.

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