PDF | 15+ minutes read | On Jan 1, , D. I. Radin and others published Dean Radin's The Conscious Universe forever lays to rest any. [Radin] shows the evidence in favor of [paranormal] existence is The conscious universe: the scientific truth of psychic phenomena / Dean I. Radin. p. cm. The Conscious Universe and millions of other books are available for . and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe by Dean Radin PhD Paperback $

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Understanding such experiences requires an expanded view of human consciousness. Is the mind merely a mechanistic, information-processing bundle of. The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. byDean Radin. Publication date Topics psychic, psychological. you will download and read a number of the books by great people like Dean Radin and Russell. Targ. There is too much precious material there for me even to.

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Park has written "No proof of psychic phenomena is ever found. In spite of all the tests devised by parapsychologists like Jahn and Radin, and huge amounts of data collected over a period of many years, the results are no more convincing today than when they began their experiments.

French recounts that the medium Florence Cook was caught in acts of trickery and two of the Fox sisters confessed to fraud, but that Radin did not mention this fact. Wilson and William R.

Shadish writing in Psychological Bulletin criticized claims made by Radin and his associates that human minds can psychically influence random number generators, saying that parapsychologists "need to go beyond statistics and explain how the mind might influence a computer, then test that prediction". Good in Nature.

Good wrote about flaws in Radin's method for evaluating the file-drawer effect. He stated that the book avoided mentioning the evidence of fraud in parapsychology.

Good replied, saying that most readers would not arrive at the same interpretation of what Radin had written noting that readers would be surprised to learn that by "more than a billion trillion", Radin meant more than ". Further, Good noted that the file drawer effect does not account for intentional fraud, as was very probably the case with prominent ESP proponents such as Samuel Soal , nor is there any real means of estimating such "intellectual, observational or ethical lapses" within ESP.

Stenger gave a criticism of The Conscious Universe that aligned with Good's arguments that Radin did not perform the file-drawer analysis correctly, made fundamental errors in his calculations, and ignored non-paranormal explanations for the data.

Although he throws in a few interesting anecdotal cases, Radin devotes most of his time to: 1 presenting the overwhelming, lab-based scientific evidence for psi, and 2 discussing the reasons that mainstream scientists have studiously ignored this evidence in particular and the field in general.

Two factors combine to make Radin's evidence persuasive. First, there have been a great many under-publicized lab studies of psi over the past thirty years or so, and these have 1 been rigorously designed as double blind studies that take into account criticisms of earlier, less rigorous work, and 2 employed new computer and video technology, completely automated to exclude the possibility of contamination by the experimenters or subjects.

Second, during roughly the same period, there have been numerous statistically rigorous meta-analyses of all prior recorded studies of each of the major psi phenomena clairvoyance or remote viewing, telepathy, precognition, telekinesis or action-at-a-distance.

The evidential standards applied to these lab studies and meta-analyses were more rigorous than those applied to most experiments in conventional physics. Collectively, the odds-against are astronomical.

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Radin makes it clear that though we know definitively that psi perception exists, we don't know how it works. He briefly discusses some of the theories, none of which is demonstrated or even thoroughly persuasive.

But this is true of many well-tested scientific theories that we take for granted: they describe accurately, but do not adequately explain.

Radin thinks that psi ability has a bell-shaped distribution in the population much like any other talent such as music, athletics or conceptual intelligence, with virtually everyone having some talent for psi and a small percentage of folks with extraordinary talent.

Radin has worked with some of the latter—for instance, a retired police chief who was able to "remote view" the exact contents of a Soviet facility spotted by but impenetrable to U.

Unfortunately, conventional U. This may be changing.Today, with more than a hundred years of research on this topic, an immense amount of scientific evidence has been accumulated.

In the course of the discussion, many fascinating, though tangential, details of psi are mentioned. Desai YA. Einstein A.

HarperOne; Reprint edition June 30, Language: Stage 3 begins when the mainstream realizes that the idea is not only important, but its effects are much stronger and more pervasive than previously imagined.

This patent specifically covers distant mental control of electronic random number generator outputs. Mind to Matter: site Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

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