GET this document to Discover the Truth & the Facts about Deadly Seduction PDF, EBook by Derek Rake. SHARE» DOWNLOAD NOW to read offline. The Player's Guide - Forbidden Seduction Tactics by Derek Rake Acknowledgments The one hundred deadly skills you are about Deadly. Arm Yourself With Brutally Deadly Seduction Tactics That Will Completely The Lost Art Of Seducing Strippers And Hired Guns” by Derek Rake (PDF manual ).

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Derek Rake - Deadly Seduction Manuscript Id Size Cargado por FGlauco Azevedo Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Listen to Deadly Seduction Derek Rake pdf - Learn The Secret To Seduce Women With Deadly Seduction Derek pdf on ListenOnRepeat. Apr 29, Free PDF eBook Download: Derek Rake Sonic Seduction Download or Read Online eBook derek rake sonic seduction in .. Deadly Seduction.

Thank you for this. How to create instant attraction - develop lightning-fast bond and rapport by using these specific techniques I am going to give you. Page 35 How to get an unfair advantage in the game of dating and seduction — only read this if you agree that you are not using this to hurt women.

Pages Blow-by-blow analysis of successful pickup conversations. Model after these and you will be virtually unstoppable. Pages 10, 23, 28, 33 A covert neuro-linguistic programming NLP trick that you can use to evoke emotions in the woman and get her attached to you.

Includes the specific words and phrases to say that you can use right away out of the box. Are you making the same mistake? Page 19 How an age-old persuasion and marketing technique can be used to generate massive attraction to you within three minutes flat.

Page 29 How you can use a simple but often misunderstood and regularly misused! Find out how you can use what bad boys know to seduce women out of your league.

I felt like I've just gotten some "attraction superpowers" And yeah, you can use this video as a testimonial, and your readers can email me if they have questions about my experience with your program.

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Thanks again, Derek, I owe you one. The shortest testimonial that I've gotten One of the dirtiest secrets of human psychology is that we humans DO NOT have full control over our emotions. How much would that worth to you?

Now how much would that be worth to you? A million bucks? Well, the truth is that most men would literally kill to have this ability. I would have saved a lot of time, work and heartache!

Deadly Seduction Derek Rake pdf – Learn The Secret To Seduce Women With Deadly Seduction Derek pdf

After your second, third and fourth lay…. Just think of all the possibilities when you have mastered this crucial area of your life. That's my promise to you. Here's what in store for you Use the tactics inside "Tease To Please" and know exactly what to say to make her go head over heels in love with you — quickly.

Not available elsewhere… but it could be yours free. This manual is not for sale at any price, but you can get it here for free. WARNING: we cannot be held responsible for any action that you take resulting from learning the techniques contained inside this report. How to walk into a strip club, and within 30 minutes, seduce a gorgeous stripper, and walk out with her holding on to your arm How to bypass her most common excuse that she feeds every other guy in the room How to completely shut down her "stripper talk" by showing her that you are an "insider" And the nervous system is something that controls sex drive and ejaculation to a great extent.

The saddest part is, the more responsive your nervous system is, the simply because of the responsiveness of the nervous system of the Page that young males are more likely to see PE than older males. This is 19 quicker are you going to experience ejaculation. Consider the fact younger males. The ability to last longer comes with age, naturally, as the nervous system loses its efficiency gradually.

Thus, the quicker you ejaculate, the better your nervous system is, and this comes with your DNA, which is hereditary. However, this can easily be controlled according to your requirements if your approach is correct and you know how the systems work to understand how to use them better.

Masturbation can be another reason for you to see PE. Many of us treat masturbating as a regular habit on reaching adolescence. However, the whole idea of masturbation is to reach the state of orgasm.

The quicker, the better. This is where things may become a bit difficult for us in the later years. While masturbating with the sole aim to see orgasm, you are actually telling your body to learn to ejaculate as fast as possible under normal circumstances. This is fine tuning your nervous system to be able to see PE, which it will carry on with when you are engaged with penetrative sex with your partner, making things dissatisfying at times.

So how do you control this?

Deadly Seduction Derek Rake pdf – Learn The Secret To Seduce Women With Deadly Seduction Derek pdf

Do you give up masturbation? That is not the answer. Masturbation is good, provided you learn how to go for prolonged masturbation sessions. Hence, you need to retrain your nervous system to take more time length for a good session of love making, making you forget about Page the best way to tune your body and nerves to understand the right 20 during masturbation and while having sex with your partner.

This is your PE issues, and be able to hold back. Once your nerves get acquainted to this and are able to control urge to simply ejaculate, PE will be history for you.

One of the other reasons why you might be seeing PE issues is the low serotonin content in your system. Most people who experience from severe PE see their bodies devoid of the right quantity of serotonin, which disables them of being able to control their urge to ejaculate.

This can be understood when you consider the drugs and medicines that contain serotonin and how they affect your sex drive. For example, consider the anti depressants SSRIs. Over consumption, and even a regular course of such medicine, will make it quite a tough task for you to feel the urge to ejaculate.

This is exactly why anti depressants often lower down your sex drive and make you lose interest in love making. There is much more to discuss on this issue, which is why we will look at this in details in a section we will go through later on in this book.

We will see how serotonin can be used positively to enhance your sex Page 21 life!

Setting your Targets We all visualize sex as what we see on screen. Thanks to pornography and Hollywood, most of us feel that a good session of sex should be what we aim for, the good session of sex being what we see on screen. However, the reality is quite a bit different if you want to know the truth.

Sex is not what it is portrayed to be on screen. Any normal person will not be able to engage himself and his partner in a great passionate session of sex for up to an hour at a stretch. There has to be breaks in between if they manage to. Either they will see ejaculation within an hour, or it will not be a continuous session of love making.

And the people who can actually manage this are most likely to be suffering from some sort of dysfunction, either sensory or nervous!

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People who can go on with hardcore sex for an hour either have nervous systems that are unresponsive, or there may be some hormonal disorder. The more responsive your systems are, Page 22 the more enjoyable sex becomes for you. But if you are think that this means you will not be able to be good at sex if you want to enjoy it, this is not so.

You can very well see great sex come your way and that of your partner if you know the right way to go for it. But you will be able to enjoy sex the same way once your partner has peaked, which is the sole idea.

If you are able to take it slow on your part, and instead of getting aroused right from the start you tend to concentrate more on satisfying and arousing her, things will work better.

Build your excitement slowly and gradually, so that you only reach your peak after your partner has climaxed. By the end of the love making, you will be well heated up to enjoy it better than you have been doing with your quick arousals! And believe me, this is much better than what you might have experienced till date. It is important to understand here that you must be very clear about your original targets.

So let me tell you again, it is not the on screen stuff that composition of a huge number of scenes and shots. It is not a single session Page life if you want to enjoy it. For example, a pornographic movie is a 23 you should aim for, as they are acts and movies, not what happens in real of sex that the actors act out in the movie. It may be made up of a huge number of breaks and pauses. And you must also consider the fact that the people acting in these movies are professionals who are paid exactly for doing this.

Therefore, they need to be good at it if they want to earn the money. They have been through every information that they could lay their hands on like this book for example , and have practiced over and over again to be perfect at it.

It is their livelihood and their job profile. If you show such commitment, you can be where they are too.

One of the most important points to understand is that you should never expect to see the results over a period of a couple of days. This might take you a good number of days, even weeks. And unless you are good with your commitments and practices, chances are you might face the same issues again in the future. And there is no need to be frustrated with this. Always remember that the more you practice, the better you are going to be at it. This is a constant process, and you need to keep the instructions on your mind to be able to see the best results out of it.

Consistent efforts, patience and the right mentality, along with confidence is what you should aim for. Make tough to achieve. Your confidence, commitments and efforts are what will get you there in the right time.

A Working Knowledge One of the most important points to understand here is that unless you are truly aware of how your reproductive systems work, you are not going to be able to make it work according to your requirements.

I have tried to provide all the necessary information related to this so that you get a clear understanding on this point, which you may find omitted in most other books and manuals.

So how do ejaculation, and more importantly erection, work? Let us start with a close look at erection and then move on to the other topics gradually. Now when you consider erection and the causes of it, there are two ways in which a person may experience it. Being able to understand both these causes and using them accordingly will help you overcome PE. And the converse is very true as well! Erection can be caused either due to mental Page 25 or physical responses, or a combination of both. The Physical Side of It When you consider the condition where you get an erection purely due to physical reasons, it is caused due to no other reason but the parasympathetic nervous system instructing the circulatory system to pump in more blood into the erectile tissue and your penis.

This is when you achieve an erection here. Your mind or thoughts have no roles to play in such circumstances, and it is merely physical responses that stimulate the nervous systems to work this way.

The Power of Your Mind On the other hand, when you are talking about the erection that is caused chiefly due to the power of your mind, the cerebral cortex and your thoughts come into play here.

The cerebral cortex needs a closer look here. Not only is it the largest part of the brain, it is that part which is responsible for all thought processes like comprehension, logic, analysis, observation, and more. It is that part of Page face, letting you think logically on it and reach out to your conclusions. At the same time, when you perceive something scary, you will be frightened and alert at all times, like while you are in a haunted house or some other similar place.

And it is exactly the same how it acts with respect to sex. When you are thinking about love making with your partner, or when you are about to masturbate and are trying to visualize porn or thinking about something else that might arouse you sexually, your brain will instruct your body to get ready for sex, and therefore the circulatory system will pump blood into your erectile tissue to provide you with an erection.

Another person like your partner can stimulate you mentally as well through her actions and approach.

The Flirting Playbook

All your brain needs to know is that there is a possibility of sex and therefore prepare your body for it. But, as you read further in this manuscript, you will discover that I will be able to deliver that promise. I have discovered that successful seduction or persuasion in general hinges on one fundamental principle. Seduction has no direct linkage to the amount of money that you have, your physical traits, and to a large extent, your social status. Instead, persuasion or seduction has everything to do with how you make the woman feel.

It is about invoking feelings in your target in a conscious and systematic way, and in NLP-speak, anchor her feelings to you. As David DeAngelo said, Attraction is not a choice. Think about it.

If you have the knowledge, you will be able to seduce any woman you want as long as you play your cards right. How will your life change? Your Biggest Barrier To Seduction Success The first thing that you have to understand is that due to societal programming, men and women have certain beliefs and preassumptions about dating in general.

In the report, I go into great lengths to describe how men and women perceive dating its not WHAT you would expect , and how you could use that knowledge to propel you to seduction success. Suffice to say, you will need to be aware of your own perceptions and be prepared to change them. For example, do you know that women WANT to be seduced? This may be a surprise to you, but women WANT to be swept off the feet. And heck, they WANT sex as much as men do. Sometimes even more!

This is done in three steps. You will notice that this is similar with what people to do sell. You will need to know your person you want to sell to, and what her needs or wants are. Then you make them realize what how badly they want your product, and how you can fulfill their particular need.

Deadly Seduction Derek Rake pdf Tetimonial 2 on Seducing Women

All this done covertly without coming across as a pushy salesman. You see, you cant make a woman like you by telling her.

Instead, you subtly make her come to the conclusion that youre the man that she wants herself. In the How To Seduce Out Of Your League ebook, I outline a method of planting conclusions in her mind Next, I will share with you a dark seduction technique that is known among the inner circles of the seduction community, but not widely discussed elsewhere.And we've just short-circuited the process, so the addiction grows in intensity every time she gets a text.

Turn the page…. So dopamine addiction can make you do more to get to that point where you peak with this chemical, rather than concentrating on sex and your through sex with your partner, you may not want to go for sex at all, which Page partner as well.

I hope you will do the same with the women in your life. This phase is seen to start with the point of no return, where the testes have already released the sperms which have already entered into the ejaculatory ducts.

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