The Freedom Writers diary: how a teacher and teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them / the Freedom Writers with. Erin Gruwell. PDF | On Dec 18, , Luisse Zanther Carreos and others published The Freedom Writers Diary: How a teacher and students used. PDF - The Freedom Writers Diary. Designed for educators by the teacher who nurtured and created the Freedom Writers, this standards-based teachers' guide .

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The Freedom Writers Diary was published in It is an amazing true story of strength, courage, and achievement in the face of adversity. The book is a. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Erin Gruwell, the Freedom Writers, and her nonprofit organization, The Freedom Writers Foundation, have received many. The Freedom Writers Diary [The Freedom Writers, Zlata Filipovic, Erin Gruwell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Straight from the front line.

Gruwell discovers what happened, she becomes furious and tells her students that such stereotyping is unacceptable and that caricatures of this kind lead to such horrific events as the Holocaust. She decides to use this episode as a teaching opportunity, inspiring her to focus her curriculum on tolerance and history. She downloads new books and organizes field trips so that her students feel personally engaged in learning world history.

In order to finance these activities, she works two extra jobs, at Nordstrom a department store and the Marriott Hotel.

One of Ms. Gruwell has to fight racial hostility outside the classroom as well as within it. Download it! Gruwell and her students to one of his university seminars—after which they receive an invitation from Steven Spielberg himself, the director of the movie. Gruwell recalls that these artists were highly impressed by Ms.

The interest that these famous artists take in Ms.


Gruwell can also count on the support of powerful allies outside the classroom. Active Themes Despite these obvious successes, the school administration was hostile to these new developments and decided to separate Ms.


Gruwell from her students the next year, arguing that Ms. Inspired by her experience with such a difficult student as Sharaud, however, Ms.

Gruwell optimistically trusts that she can teach anyone. Gruwell then stops her lesson to focus on the caricature and the insult.

She compared the drawing to the Holocaust with the painting of the Jews with big fat noses to impose a lesson on the students that all those deaths happened because of a single drawing, emphasizing the bad they had done, getting the attention of the students by saying that the Nazis were dubbed to be the greatest gang in history which got their attention because they were as well involved in gang life.

What struck Ms. Gruwell the most was that when she asked if anyone was at all familiar with the holocaust, not even a hand showed up.

This struck her and gave her the impression that she must and should teach the students History using English. Diary 2- 23 This se tio o sists of stude ts dia ies telli g thei sto ies i F esh e E glish under Ms.

Continuing the sequence, the students burst into rage during the fi st eek s e itatio a d ga e thei se ti e ts to the teacher.

They told some of their stories and why they are still coming to school. Gruwell then learned that the students were facing a harder situation, even knowing that the students sacrifice their life just to come to school, she knew that they were facing a tougher journey, not knowing if the next day they will still be alive.

Freedom Writers Script

They face danger everyday and may have e e see o e dead people tha a o ti ia uoti g a jou al e t. After learning this she tries everyday to relate to them and to teach them with things that can be relevant for them.

She asked them first, who belongs to a gang, who knows where to get drugs right now, who has a gun, who has been pointed out with a gun, who lost a friend to gang violence, 2, friends, 3 friend, 4 or more, and ends with giving them the journals where they can write anything that they want, telling them that they must always have an entry at the end of the week.

To her surprise, at the end of the week the cabinet where the students are to put their journals are completely full as she read all the entries with much delight. She decided to let them read books which can make an impact to them as she thought of books that can be compared to the lives they have. She became a hotel concierge and a saleslady at a department store so she could earn more.

The hearts of the students are gradually coming closer to her and even gave her a nickname Ms. The most meaningful event in their year was their visit to the Museum of Tolerance a museum dedicated to remembering the Holocaust, its victims, and everything there is to know about the events that had happened in the past.

The persecution of the Jews and the killing of children at that time made them very grateful and appreciated their everyday living. After going to the Museum of Tolerance, Ms G.

The survivors retold heir stories and the students listened well.

They remembered Anne Frank, whose diary they read and who gave them inspiration, their alter ego in the past as they considered. They remember their eagerness in reading. One student after having given the Diary of Anne Frank became all too much curious about her, devoting all her time into reading the whole book in 3 days time.

Every day she came asking Ms. G what will happen next and repeats it all the while. After finishing the book, the student burst her rage onto Ms. G complaining why Anne Frank had died because she considered it that like Anne Frank, they would die as well, until another student explained to her the importance of the story and how Anne Frank relates to them, and how they as well relate to Anne Frank, a teenager, a victim, a writer.

Freshmen English became productive and meaningful for the students.

The Freedom Writers Diary

Diary 46 More stories from different students are written and are much more personal in this section; the students became more responsible and loving to their families. Sophomore year comes and the First Day of School is the main highlight of the first few entries. One student got evicted from their home and then when he came to school he describes the classroom and his classmates as his home. He feels loved and feels hope when he comes in the classroom, he feels that everyone is his siblings and Ms.

G is their mother. The class starts with the Toast for Change; it was organized by Ms. G with a glass of cider for each student as to they will toast after giving a speech of what they would want to change for the whole year.

Everyone did their toasts and made their promises as they were also given the 4 books that they are going to read for the whole year. Last year, they were given the assignment of writing a letter for Miep Gies, the woman who helped hide Anne Frank and her colleagues, it was just a written assignment but Ms.

G sent it to Miep Gies herself so she could read it. A student suggested inviting Miep Gies to their school so Ms. They had shows and performances, they sold food and fruits to the people, sung, and had fun with the whole concert. Miep Gies, after having read their letters approved on coming to California so she ould e gage i a talk ith the stude ts. Upo Miep Gies a i al, o e stude t volunteered to accompany her to the stage where she would be seated.

He described in his diary how very old, very small, and very kind of a soul Miep Gies is. Miep Gies engaged with the students into giving her talk and telling the story of her and Anne Frank.

She said that it was sort of a miracle how she hid the Frank Family, but it was her honour, and it was her pleasure to do so. She inspired the students by sa i g the e a t o ds I a a se eta , so e e a o di a se eta , a usi ess a , an ordinary housewife or even a teenager can and by your own small ways turn on a s all light i a da k oo afte ha i g said this the stude t ho a ompanied her said that Miep Gies is his pe so al he o a d Miep Gies e utted No, o, o, o I a ot a hero, I just did what I did because it was the right thing to do, I have read your letters and your teacher always tells me your story, and by that you are true heroes, you are he oes e e da.

The students then wanted the words of Miep Gies to remain in them, in their hearts as Miep Gies told them that all their faces will be engraved in hers. This was their standpoint, and their motivation in excelling at school.

Diary A Latina students and a Cambodian refugee find themselves in the same convenience store. Another black student is angry at losing an arcade game demands a refund from the owner.

The Latina would be the only identified eye witness of the murder case and she as o de ed to testif the ase i the ou t s t ial. The t ial a e ut the Lati a did ot p ote t he o ki d e ause she k e that she needs to do the right thing and tell the truth at the witness stand.

She did say the truth and then both the Latina and the Cambodian went to their Classroom to ask Ms. G if they could stay and so they did. They asked forgiveness to each other and then became friends.

PDF - The Freedom Writers Diary

They forgot their differences and owe it up to everything that Ms. Diary This section focused on not having Ms. G as their teacher in Junior and Senior Year. This led the class into anger and said that only Ms. G can let them graduate but Ms. G was not approved because of the schools Seniority Policy. With the spo so ship of a private organization, they were all lended computers and so they encoded and encoded their journal entries and compiled it into one as it resulted to the Freedom Writers Diary, the book they have accomplished and wrote with teamwork, with love, with unity.

Everything ended with everyone stepping up the stage, most being the first in thei fa il to g aduate, a d so e e e e t o goi g to ollege pu sui g a a helo s degree.

Epilogue The ending was with some of them finishing college, earning their college diplomas, having decent jobs, and being the heroes of today and tomorrow.

One of the e a e a ite as ell a d paid t i utes to thei p oje t, The F eedo W ite s Diary giving it a sense of greater pride and relevance.

It aims peace for the neighborhood and for their world. It centers on change and gives a chance for their past to be altered, their destiny to be varied, and their stories to be written by them. The book raised the social issue of gang violence and death due to these activities. It wants to raise awareness to the world that these things are happening and must be given action by the government and the society.

The book wants to help as well people who are victims of violence and unjust accusations as well as racial discrimination which is still happening up to this day. They also go against extrajudicial killings which can be related well to the Philippines at present time.G u ell s oti atio , the stude ts o ked a d st i ed eall ha d to ite thei own stories for the world to read.

New York City. Read An Excerpt. What struck Ms.

This episode reflects the deep, insidious power that racism can have even on the seemingly toughest individuals. Inspired by reading The Diary of Anne Frank and meeting Zlata Filipovic the eleven-year old girl who wrote of her life in Sarajevo during the civil war , the students began a joint diary of their inner-city upbringings.

The Freedom Writers Diary sparked my interest because of its environment and events, shocking and flabbergasting you in a way that you will also feel concern and awareness of what is happening to the society.

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