Marco by Sydney Landon. by Sydney Landon on February 18, Original TitleMarco: Lucian & Lia: Book 8; CreatorSydney Landon; Languageeng. My name is Anthony Moretti and I'm the prince of the Moretti family. Although I'm not active in the crime syndicate that my father, Draco Moretti. by Sydney Landon on December 26, File Namefractured-by-sydney-; Original TitleFractured; CreatorSydney Landon; Languageen.

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Pierced by Sydney Landon was epicly enthralling!!! I cannot wait for the next book!!!" Sexy Bibliophiles "5 piercing stars from me! You get a. Lucian & Lia Trilogy, Sydney Landon, Smashwords Edition. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction. Danvers series by Sydney Landon Always Loving You (Danvers, #6) Watch Over Me (Danvers, #7) The One for Me (Danvers, #8) (epub) Wishing For Us.

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I had grabbed a glass of water and was walking down the hallway when I heard a muffled shout, followed by laughter that seemed eerily sinister. I hesitated in front of their closed door for a moment.

The last thing I wanted was to walk in on them having sex. I had almost decided to move on when something stopped me. The air was so heavy around me that I was having difficulty taking a full breath.

I felt on the edge of a panic attack, and I had no idea why.

All I knew was that every internal alarm was blaring, and almost in slow motion, I reached out to open their door. What made me barge in without extending that common courtesy? Then the world had fallen away only to slam back into focus as I had attempted to process the horrifying scene before my eyes.

Blood—so much blood everywhere. Somehow, I called The sound of Lucian choking and gasping and Cassie expelling some kind of broken, demented laughter has haunted me ever since.

Out of the pieces I remember, I think those two things might be the worst. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Your E-mail: Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Ask it above.

Pierced Series: Adult Rated 5. Circumstances bring two people that should have never crossed paths together and in the days and weeks ahead, they grow close quickly, each seeing a kindred soul in the other. As ghosts from their past rise to haunt them, they cling to each other as their lives start to spiral out of control.

Sydney Landon

Impressive right? I grew up with an abusive mother, and a twisted stepfather who was worse…so much worse.

The men that I accompany to various events as an escort for Date Night are mostly harmless and just want an attractive woman on their arm for an evening. It has never gone further than that…until him… Circumstances bring two people that should have never crossed paths together and in the days and weeks ahead, they grow close quickly, each seeing a kindred soul in the other.

Will their love be what saves or destroys them? It contains explicit language, and graphic sexual content. Add to Library.

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And very alone. I spent a year trying to figure out exactly what the fuck went wrong. It was senseless and downright horrifying. It was also an eye-opening look into how fleeting life can be. Before that, even with her living in a mental institution, I still thought I had all the time in the world to make things better.

Yeah, not so fucking fast, said the universe. Want to know how small and insignificant you are in the scheme of things? Try to save someone you love.

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I liken someone attempting to beat cancer to pissing in the wind. All my efforts appeared to serve no purpose and to be absolutely pointless. Hell, the battle was over before I even knew it had started.

With my mom, I feel nothing but overwhelming sorrow. I never imagined a life without either one of my parents.

I want those days, weeks, and months back. If anyone can manage that, it will be my mother.Donate Now.

Wishing For Us by Sydney Landon

So, stand up and fight back against the undead hordes of brain-hungry zombies. English ISBN: But when a lit cross is left burning in Nes's yard, the alterna-prommers realize that bucking tradition comes at a price.

I wish you'd have clued me into that when I was in high school. Anthony by Sydney Landon. New fonts are added daily.

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